Terms of Service

Please read our terms of service to better understand how we serve you.

Monthly Cycle:

The Monthly Cycle, starts from the date you subscribe on, and repeats every month. This Monthly Cycle is important to understand when it's the timeframe for Requesting Custom Posts, Requesting Revisions, and Editing Text/Publishing Date.

We will send you emails reminding you of these periods for your convenience, so you have time for any requests and communication with us.

Below is a diagram showing the different time frames:

Revision Requests:

Our pricing plans give you different freedoms when it comes to requesting revision requests. For the Small & Medium Plans there is a monthly Revision Request Limit. Our App does not limit your Revision Requests, as we want to give you the best possible service by letting you break this Revision Limit, so so we still have the opportunity to give you Revisions.

However, during high load months, between hiring new staff and training them, we reserve the right to deny you Revisions if you have gone over your Revision Request Monthly Limit.

Custom Post Requests:

Similar to Revision Requests, Custom Post Requests have different freedoms based on our pricing plans. The Small Plan has a Custom Post Request Monthly Limit. The App does not limit your Custom Post Requests, as we want to give you the best possible service by letting you break this Custom Post Request Limit.

However, during high load months, between hiring new staff and training them, we reserve the right to deny you Custom Post Requests if you have gone over your Custom Posts Request Monthly Limit.

Custom Posts count do the Monthly Post creation. So if you request 5 Custom Posts on a Full Plan, for example, we create your 5 Posts you requested + 15 more to cover your 20 posts for the month.

Amount of Post Types

The post type amount is dependent on your plan. In our app, you are able to choose post types in your brand settings. The maximum amount of post types is 6 for the full plan. This is due to the fact, that for every post type, we create a template design from scratch. These are the post types you will be able to choose from in our app:

  • Customer Review
  • Product Feature
  • Event Promotion
  • Industry Insights
  • Industry Statistics
  • News
  • Meme
  • Trivia
  • Quote

Post Publish Dates & Automation:

Post Publishing:

We publish posts for you, so that you can experience full service. If you wish to publish posts yourself, don't add in your social accounts.

If you do add your social media accounts, and still prefer to publish yourself, contact us to suspend publishing on our side. If you don't add your social media logins to your profile, we'll take it that you want to publish content by yourself. We give you options to download the images directly, and you can copy text in the traditional way to post it on your social media.

If you miss a few days and are behind schedule with publishing on your side, you still have 60 Days to access the content in the Archives in your Dashboard. The Archives content is deleted after 60 Days to keep your Dashboard loading fast.


We use Social Pilot to manage everyone's social medias and automate posting as per the date we set in your Dashboard. If you edit the date before Days 21-30 of your Monthly Cycle, we will publish accordingly.


You are of course entitled to cancel your 7-Day-Trial. If you forget to cancel before you get charged, we cannot refund you.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you were already charged for the month, you will still have access to your main Dashboard, until your subscription expires after the 30th Day of the Monthly Cycle.
All the content created within that month, will be published for you.


We can Refund a month's worth of your subscription if;

  • We have not delivered on the monthly content amount as per our pricing plans

If you have found yourself in these situations, please contact us by email at info@moona.io.

Copyright & Use:

We reserve the right to use work produced for you in our portfolio and marketing materials. Whether it be a sample post, posts created during your 7-day-trial, or the monthly content we generate.

You have the right to use the work we produce for you, in any shape or form, except when the work is used for illegal purpose, or slandering of our company.

If you are concerned about us using your work in our portfolio and marketing, we are more than happy to discuss your concerns and address the issue.

If something still is unclear, and you are unsure, contact us through email or book a call.

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