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How our service works?


Sign Up & Request a Free Sample

No credit card required. Sign up and fill out your information, and write a brief for the free sample post.


We assign you to one of our account managers

This enables easier communication through our messaging system and allows both parties for introductions - if that's your thing of course.


Familiarize yourself with the dashboard and set up your branding

Have a feel how it all works before you commit


We create your branding profile with our graphic designers and copywriters

We review your branding and come up with ideas on how we can use it in your social media.


Subscribe to a plan and grant social media access

Subscribe when ever you like. Cancel any time. Share your social media access, so we can post for you.


We create your social media posts

Based on your branding, we produce your monthly social media posts.


You get an email notification when your monthly content is ready.

You can:

  • Preview the monthly content

  • Ask for a revision

  • Edit the publish date

  • Edit the text

  • Delete the post (so it doesn’t go live)


We resolve any revision request for the monthly cycle

If you had any revision requests, we make changes and notify you when its done.


Your monthly content is ready

After the revision cycle, we are ready to start posting on the nearest publish date.


We post the content to your social media

Whether you have edited a post, or have asked for a revision, we post the content on your social media as per publish date.

Request a Free Sample Post - No Credit Card Required

Social media content is your additional touchpoint in the sales pipeline. Just get started!

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Does the competitive price compromise on quality?

We do not let the price of our product affect the quality. Our prices are competitive because of our custom automation tools and software that allow us to work quickly.

Do you have a free trial?

Unfortunately, due to our competitive prices, we need to keep everything as efficient as possible, so we cannot offer free trials.
However, if nothing from Our Work really matches what you’re expecting, lets Set up a Call and see if we can help.

What is “the monthly cycle”?

The monthly cycle is a framework of 30 days. We design content for you and leave time for revisions or custom posts.

Can I request custom posts in the first month?

Your monthly posts are ready 2-4 days after you subscribe to one of the plans. Please make sure you submit a custom post request before that time, so we can include it in our monthly design (refer to cycle).

When I subscribe, do I have to wait the whole 30 days for my social media posts to go live?

You don’t have to. In fact we encourage you to give us a green light on posting them as soon as you’re happy with them.
The 30 day monthly cycle is in place to give you enough time to request revisions. But if you’re happy, lets go! We want to get started and see your social media grow 😉

After the first month, the cycle will be balanced out and posts will be published automatically while we design the next round.