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The Importance of Social Media

February 26, 2021

Since the very first social media platform was created, its importance and popularity are ever-growing. In this century, no company should exist without at least the most basic social media platforms. This article will provide insight on why your customers want you to have social media, how important they are to any business, and how to use them right.

Your social media and customers - a perfect match

Using social media platforms for your company goes well beyond simple commercials and offers. When potential customers search for you, they want to know few things about your company, like:

• Is this company offering something I might need?

• What are they posting on social media? What image they have?

• Is this something for me? How can I use it?

As you can see, there’s no better way to give your potential customer answers than by social media. No commercial can fully communicate who you are, what are your values, and what do you offer.

How important are social media for your business?

To be fair, using social media can go both ways. It could be either your perfect way to gain new customers and boost your sales, or it could ruin you- it all depends on how you do it. By using professional social media agencies, you can be sure that your content is relatable and engaging. Social media are not as easy to handle as many seem to think. The Internet has its own rules, specific language, and trends to follow (or not). If you use this tool right, your business will thrive and gain many loyal customers. If it’s used wrong, you can find yourself as a target of the so-called ‘cancel culture’, or just become an example of bad social media image.

Do you need to exist on every platform?

If still in doubt, we will provide more insight. No, you don’t want to exist on every platform possible. It’s better to establish one or two main channels of communication with your customers. Quality over quantity, that’s for sure. It all depends on what kind of business you run and who’s your targeted customer. Middle-aged women are not very likely to look for your products on TikTok, but Facebook? That’s where you meet them! After choosing the right platform, you need to understand its rules. Each site needs a different approach. To make it right, you should consider working with social media companies that understand those things.

How to use social media right?

There are few general rules to follow when creating your company’s social media content. First, you’ve got to be consistent. If a potential customer looks you up and sees that the last thing you posted was a “Merry Christmas” gif back in 2016, they might think that your company doesn’t even exist anymore. Post regularly to make you seem like a pro-customer company. Another thing is social media trends. Many companies try to hop on current popular trends to gain some more views and clicks. Is this the right tactic? It depends on whether if you truly understand this thing. If you do something you don’t completely understand (e.g., use a joke or do some challenge), your company might end up as a source of cringe for many viewers. To avoid it, either make sure you understand those trends and how to use them or work with someone who does. It’s better to avoid becoming a new meme!

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