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Social Media in 2021

February 19, 2021

A global pandemic, lockdowns, remote working. What does it all have in common? Transitioning our life more and more to the internet. That’s why, now more than ever, your company needs good social media profiles and constant activity there.

Social media & your company

It’s hard to imagine a global company that has little-to-no social media activity. Imagine your favourite sports brand or car company not having Facebook/Instagram account. Weird, isn’t it? The same is true for smaller companies. Having social media is the best way to engage your customers. As the average time, people spend on social media is rising, it’s hard to avoid the need to exist inside this space. Lockdown left people with lesser opportunities in going out, meaning they might not be able to come to you- you need to come to them. Especially in countries with strict rules in pandemic times, 2021 shows more need than ever to make your company visible on social media. How to do it and which platforms to use?

Your company’s social media life

Before you decide to create Facebook or any other profile, take some time to figure out what exactly your company needs. It all depends on what you do and who’s your average customer. If you target middle-aged women, Facebook might be your to-go option. Teenagers are easier to find on Instagram or TikTok. To be successful, you will also need something relatable and engaging. Dry facts about your new production line don’t seem like something your customers look for. But short and funny TikTok video where you hop on some current trend? That’s a different story. Don’t use social media as just another way to promote your products. Instead, use it to connect with people.

How to use social media right

Starting or improving your company’s social media profiles is not the easiest task. It requires time and knowledge. Here are some quick tips on how to make the most of social media.

Chose the right platform

Each platform offers different possibilities. If you create beautiful, hand-made jewellery, Instagram or Pinterest are probably your best options. Each business has different needs, depending on their products, target customers group, image, and other factors.

Communicate with people

There’s no better option to let people know about your company than by using social media. If you communicate with people, engage in discussions in comments, answer their messages- they will feel like you care about them and their experience. This is a sure way to build long-term customer trust.

Be honest and relatable

Social media are constantly changing. You don’t need to keep up with each new trend and hashtag. What you do need are honesty and integrity. Social media are not the same as a TV commercial. You can’t just show off your product and its amazing features. To use those platforms right, you need to interest people, make them rely upon your story and values. Go beyond simple marketing and use social media to build your community.

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