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How to Deal with People’s Anger on Social Media

February 5, 2021

When dealing with social media, you will likely come across many difficult situations. Dealing with angry customers is one of them. Since the internet gives them a feeling of anonymity, they are more likely to be harsher than they would be in real life. How to deal with that kind of situation?

How to Deal with Anger on Social Media

Social media is an important communication tool in today's marketplace, and when things go wrong - it can lead to a lot of angry customers.

The best way to deal with angry customers is by being polite and respectful. Take a moment to understand why the customer is upset, then explain what you are doing about it. You can also direct them to contact for further help.

No matter how angry your customer is, try not to give in to emotions. Engaging in internet fights is never a good idea, especially when it comes to creating a positive social media reputation.

It can be hard to control your emotions when dealing with angry people, but it's important not to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Instead, here are a few tips on how to deal with negativity:

4 Tips on Dealing with Anger on Social Media

1. Be careful with your words

While it’s easier to turn into passive-aggressive responses, you must keep it calm and professional. Another thing is to avoid copy-paste responses, as they might enrage the customer furthermore. They need to feel heard, so a brush-off will only make the situation worse.

2. Address the issue at hand, not their anger

This is another important thing to remember. You need to understand the core reason for your customer’s anger. Was their product not delivered on time? Have they tried to contact you, but with no success? Instead of trying to talk about emotions, seek a solution for the reason them.

3. Give them a better chance to connect with you

Nothing will solve the situation faster and better than showing the angry customer that you take their issues seriously. By giving them a channel to connect- could be a phone number or e-mail address- you will decrease their anger level significantly.

4. Take the discussion away from the spotlight

For the sake of your online reputation, try to take the discussion with the angry customer away from the main pages. You don’t want to create “internet drama”- that’s highly unprofessional. Find an individual solution in a private chat with the customer. They will feel treated with respect, and you will avoid bad PR.

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