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How an Eco-Brand Got Popular on Instagram

March 12, 2021

Eco Alyn is an e-commerce brand based in England. Their main goal is to sell eco-friendly products of every-day use, including biodegradable bamboo cutlery and bamboo toothbrushes. Their interesting approach to creating their social media profile was quite successful. The reasons behind this success will be analysed in this case study.

Success in numbers

• Over 30.000 new followers in one year

• 2600 likes per post on average.

• 23% of average users’ activity

How did they do it?

To break down their success, we should start with noticing that creating a social media profile for any eco-brand is a bit challenging. In general, people are interested in fun, engaging topics. Ecology and world pollution are not one of them. Many brands may struggle with gaining a larger audience for this type of content. Eco Alyn did it exceptionally well, using those specific tools and techniques:

Uploading relatable content

Eco Alyn showed a deeper understanding of social media platforms, such as Instagram, by starting with providing the type of content that’s always trending there. They are successfully mixing interesting facts about ecology and world pollution with memes. By doing so, they mix fun with seriousness. It’s worth noticing that their memes are up to date. Unlike other social media profiles, they seem to know what gains attention. By doing so, they avoid being perceived as “cringy” and weird, which is a delicate matter.

Being responsive

This eco brand knows the importance of engaging with its audience. By responding to comments and engaging in discussion with their followers, they create a more “real” feel to their brand. Instead of being just another logo, they create a connection with their customers. This is a great way to build long-lasting relationships with customers based on trust and loyalty.

Consistency in posts

Whether they decide to post a meme, share a video, or informative picture, they are always consistent in that. Any Instagram user searching through their account will find only the information they were hoping to find. Without any unnecessary distractions, they’ve created a great place for their followers to gain knowledge in a fun, entertaining way. This leads to a constant gain of new followers- good quality content always attracts people.

Adjusting information to the platform

Eco Alyn showed a greater understanding of the platform they are using by creating short, yet valuable posts. As the average attention span of a user gets shorter and shorter, companies have less time to attract and catch the attention of viewers. That’s why you can’t find long, never-ending posts on their profile. All the information is condensed. By using memes, they mix funny jokes with valuable information, creating perfect learning opportunities, especially for the youngest audience.


To sum up, Eco Alyn gained an impressive number of new followers in a short time by using great social media techniques. They understood the language and culture of their platform, and by doing so, they were able to match users’ expectations. Consistency in posting and engaging with followers gave them a loyal follower base. Using memes and short, eye-catching videos create a perfect learning opportunity and provide insight into the brand's core values.

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