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3 Reasons why TikTok might actually do well for your business

June 21, 2021

Marketing and sales is what makes or breaks your business. In the digital age, with people on LinkedIn flooding your DM's, and Facebook bombarding you with ads, we (the consumer) tune out. And so every day, it gets harder and harder for marketers to use those channels successfully.

This is where TikTok comes in. As of the past year, TikTok has proven to be very successful in getting eyeballs for your brand due to its massive organic reach and high engagement rate.

You'll be shocked the average TikTok engagement rate compared to other socials. Read till the end!

The demographics aren't actually against you

In recent research, it was found that TikTok is the most popular social media app, where Generation Z forms 32.5% of users.

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So, it seems like the odds are against you. After all, most business owners, on average, are over the age of 40. However, despite these discouraging statistics, business content is rare on TikTok, so its a blue ocean.

Test content ideas organically, and use your winning videos in Facebook ads

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TikTok allows you to create short videos that cant tell the story in your business, so it's a perfect place to see what relates with people.

Even if you're still convinced that your customers aren't on TikTok , that's no reason to not test content on the app. Why should you pay for A/B testing on Facebook, when TikTok literally gives away eyeballs for free.

Here's a strategy:

Every day, create 1 video for 60 days straight. Chances are, one of your videos will blow up to 5 or even 6 figure views.

Use that winning video in Facebook ads. Modify it to make sure it has a call to action and some value proposition.

So get creative and make sure those ads are successful by using TikTok as an organic platform first!

Using TikTok for your advertising campaigns

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Using TikTok for your ad campaigns can be a great move for your business. This is especially true if you're working with a brand that has a younger demographic, like clothing stores or yogurt shops.

However, it is still untested waters for advertising as a brand catering to an older demographic.

If your target demographics are above the age of 30, it might be safer to at first test the organic content route. If the content is made well, you will attract who you're looking for.

I often notice videos going viral for businesses, when they are showing some backend process in their company. Maybe you remember a series called "How its made"​? People are genuinely interested and curious.

TikTok engagement vs Other social media for Pepsi.

Go to the links and check out other brands to compare. You will always find, that TikTok has the highest engagement rates!


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You can see for yourself, that TikTok has the highest engagement rates of all social media channels.

Go, sign up to TikTok and test this out for yourself!

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