About Us

The Small Kiwi Start-up Straight from Palmy

Szymon Zurek

Co-Founder & CEO

After many months of hard work and building, I am ecstatic to be the CEO of the first social media automation service powered by humans.

I've always been fascinated with artificial intelligence and automation. After running my branding agency for years, and implementing new systems, I realised how automation, AI and software is the future in the agency space.

Amar Emir Idrus

Co-Founder & COO

For years, I have been captivated by the idea of leaving remarkable digital footprints within the social media arena for businesses.
Now, I am more than excited to share the gateway to your social media success with Moona. 

With years of experience running my clothing line with different digital strategies, I’ve managed to garner the recipes to remain on point within the E-commerce industry through social media – the recipes are now here at Moona.

Company Vision

At Moona, we continuously work to close the gap between the current and the future to unlock more possibilities for the industry.

With research and hard work, the development of Artificial Intelligence and better Software is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our plans.

Our Mission

Social media agencies are expensive. Their prices are justified by "results". But how often do you see the promised results reflected in your bottom line?

Point remains, you still need active social media to stay relevant. Our mission is to give business owners peace of mind. Your brand can be out there engaging your audiences on social media, without spending a fortune with an overpriced agency, while still getting the same quality.

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